Once upon a time...

From left to right: Prema, Rangadevi, and Krishna Nama

Kirtan Hearts

We are Samadhi (Krishna Nama, Prema, Rangadevi, Steve, Kat, and Courtney, with drummers Vikram, Julian, and Cypress), a kirtan band based in North Carolina. With influences that include jazz, gospel, indie, rock n’roll, and soul, our chants range from moments of sweet intimacy to resounding expressions of the heart. Our music is driven by bhakti and is a style known as kirtan.

The practice of kirtan, of call-and-response mantra chanting, is a spiritual practice that unifies in spite of differences in age, background, race, religion, and temperament and reminds us both of that which is more than any individual and that which is sacred inside of each of us.

Kirtan in its essence is communal. It is a practice that has brought all of us together, changed many people’s lives, and is one that we hope to share with you. And in the true spirit of kirtan, we invite you to add you heartfelt response and dive deep with Samadhi.

Our History

Originally formed by Rangadevi Dasi (vocals), Krishna Nama Battle (rhythm and lead guitar, vocals), and Prema Battle (harmonium), Samadhi has been providing kirtan for their local community for the past seven years.

In 2014, the addition of Steve Cole (vocals, rhythm guitar), Krishni Munevar (bass guitar), Jonathan Munevar (percussion), and Kat Farley (vocals, flute) allowed the band to harness the creativity of seven souls. Since then, the band’s large size and diversity in age, race, religion, and musical experience have been key to its ability to deliver original songs, multiple music styles, harmony vocalists, an array of instrumentation, and inspired arrangements that attract diverse audiences. With this momentum behind them, Samadhi was ready to realize a long-time dream: to create an album to share with the world. After months of practicing, song writing, and recording, they produced their first album, Awakening.

In 2016, Krishni and Jon moved on to work on new projects of their own, and Courtney Long (guitar, vocals, and bass) joined the band, filling out the Samadhi sound with his instrumental virtuosity and creativity. With the addition of Cypress, Vikram, and Julian as drummers, the band has once again taken its creative potential to a new level.